Water is life.

About us
The Green Gate Endowment Fund is a special purpose pool of assets used for public benefit and charitable purposes to support socially and economically useful projects.

In particular, Green Gate’s activities respond to the effects of global climate change and changes in land use that will drastically reduce the availability of groundwater. Green Gate is committed to protecting ecosystems and biodiversity, to protecting forests, our natural allies in reducing CO2 emissions, to reducing air pollution, and to improving water and soil quality. Green Gate supports efforts to provide sustainable amounts of clean water for people and the environment.

In collaboration with partners in science and education, Green Gate advocates for lasting solutions that will provide enough water for people, restore and sustain freshwater ecosystems, and increase resilience to climate change.

As a foundation, we make our vision a reality through direct grantmaking, our own nonprofit work and projects.

grant programs
We support community and non-profit partners in their useful work.

We help funders connect with the best conservation efforts, with a particular focus on freshwater ecosystems. We believe that long-term funding provides grantees with the stability that allows them to focus on their important work and continue to innovate.

We support projects focused on environmental protection, social work, sports, education and leisure activities. We spread environmental awareness with a focus on water conservation. In particular, we want to support projects focusing on water as a basic prerequisite for life, but we do not forget its role in relaxation and knowledge.

We provide help and support not only with financial contributions, but also with expert legal, financial and economic advice for projects that are in line with Green Gate’s mission and purpose.

Endowment contributions cannot be made to board members, auditors, fund staff or the founder. Endowment contributions are granted on the basis of a positive evaluation of the application, and a contract is concluded with the successful applicant.


If you are interested in a donation, please complete and submit the following application form:

    Identification of the applicant

    Details of the project/event

    By submitting the form, the applicant declares that the information provided is completely true and complete, that he/she has read the Green Gate Foundation's Rules for Granting Endowment Contributions and the Privacy Policy.

    how to join
    Anyone can contribute, in any amount.

    Our bank details:

    IBAN CZ9120100000002001823147
    Fio banka a.s.
    V celnici 1028/10, Prague 1, Czech Republic

    Thank you for your donation!

    our partners
    Through its grants, Green Gate supports unusual or unique opportunities that address important national and international issues.

    Our partners include nonprofit organizations, corporations, public and private educational institutions, scientific and research organizations, and individuals. Our activities have an international reach.

    PHONE: +420 224 932 058-9
    FAX: +420 224 932 060
    EMAIL: info@catrix.eu
    ADDRESS: Ostrovní 30/126, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic


    GREEN GATE Foundation
    Roháčova 188/37, Žižkov, Prague 3
    Identification number: 091 57 395
    The fund is registered under file number N 1812 at the Municipal Court in Prague.

    The founder of the fund is CATRIX s.r.o., identification number: 062 55 621, with registered office at Tigridova 1498/15, Michle, Prague 4